Thomas Rooney

Tom Rooney as he might look in rose colored glasses.

Hello and welcome to this website. I’m Thomas Rooney a card carrying AARP member that has finally gotten on track to make some serious money and enhance my retirement. I’d like to help you get there as well and meet your goals. I want to tell you my story of where I was and where I hope to be.

Throughout this past 30 plus years I worked each day manning a desk making sure that items that came my way, got processed and moved to someone else. That pretty much sounds about as boring as it was.

I was contemplating how my retirement will work out for my wife and me. We have money saved in a 401k and also will have a pension starting, but I was looking at how my current lifestyle is and what I would like in my future. Finances control the entire process so I started to look at the things I have as needs and wants. Needs of course are those things that we have to spend on, while wants are those things that would be great, providing we have the funds. Here is my list:



Mortgage Travel
Taxes Move to warmer state
Utilities Buy an RV
Groceries Gamble
Long Term Care Relaxation


I’m also a realist that understands that my future may be bright but like all good things it will end. So how can I reach that goal to take care of my needs as well as enjoy the wants?

I started to research ways to increase the dollars coming in rather than be stuck with a “fixed income”. Having a sustainable money stream made much more sense than clipping coupons. Don’t get me wrong, using a coupon to purchase an item and save is never a bad thing, I just didn’t want to worry about this going forward.

There’s plenty of BS concerning money making on-line, but there’s also tried and true methods that will help you make and meet dreams.

I’m hoping that I can help you with that quest.

“The more I help others to succeed, the more I succeed.” Ray Kroc

Wishing you success,

Thomas Rooney