Getting Started – Learning about an Online Business

When you first start out to trying to make a residual income through an online business, there are about a million different ways available in order to get started. One of the things that happens to most is the overwhelming amount of information on how to get started as well as the overwhelming amount of individuals willing to help you. Some for a fee and many for free. There are a bunch of good willed individuals trying to teach you the correct way to get started, however there are also a ton of scammers trying to just pry dollars from you without adding any real value in the process. The dilemma you have is who to trust and which way do you turn to gain the knowledge to become an entrepreneur.

Who has the information?


That is the $64,000 Question! The funny thing is when starting a new career, it may seem like a game show, or possibly learning a new language. There are a vast amount of areas to turn to and each one has their plus and minus to them. If you’re a video watching type person that gathers their information through this means, then YouTube is the way to go for some basic information. You open the search area and put in “starting an online business” and you’ll get over a million videos to choose from. My suggestion is to watch a few and see what is being told to you. Don’t sign up for any paid courses just yet as you need to get a feel for this. You need to gather the right information and see if what is suggested to you is something you can be successful with.

A second area to check out is an online forum. Go to Google or the search engine you prefer and drop in this phrase, “online business forum” and you will get millions and millions of sites that area gathering individuals to discuss this topic. There is so much information in this realm that it’s easy to be inundated with too much at once. But again, don’t just jump in with someone selling an online product because you’ll need to choose what you’re learning is of value to you. Facebook is also a great area to find people with like interests and it can be used for more than keeping in touch with high school friends. The search in Facebook will also bring you a treasure trove of information and can start you on your way to learning as well. Plug in “online business” and there are pages created to bring like-minded people together. Later on when we talk about niches, you can utilize Facebook again for specialized areas.

LinkedIn, Twitter, on-line magazines such as Entrepreneur are also great areas to start and search to find out about this. Gathering information is the first thing you need to do in order to set things up correctly. If you are attentive enough, you will pick up on ideas that will help you move on and save you steps along the way because those people explaining, have made the mistakes that may have cost them time and money before anything ever worked for them.

This journey may seem like it’s not for you or even a waste of time, but I’m going to remind you that you wouldn’t have read this entire entry if you didn’t have a desire to make more than just the monthly retirement dollars. When I’m faced with doubt, I like to remind myself of a mantra that I used from time to time. I joined the Army back in 1970. The first few days of it were some of the worst days of my life. I didn’t think I would ever get through it, but there was one thought that I always kept in the back of my mind. If so many other people when through this and especially for years and years before me, then I should be able to get through this as well. The same thought is working with me right now. If so many people have been able to develop an online business and earn substantial income, then I should be able to do this as well.

Join me again next week as we look into another area on how to go about making a passive income for your retirement via an online business.

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A husband, father, brother, uncle and cousin to a great group. I'm an budding entrepreneur that has interest in making money that will sustain deep into retirement. At this point in my life I see no reason why I shouldn't get my piece of the pie.