The Truth about Making Money Online

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In order to approach this correctly, you need to understand a few basic things:

  • Making money online is not easy. No matter what a plethora of marketers tell you there is no easy way to derive a passive income. I can’t tell you how many videos, PDF reports, sales pages I’ve seen that tell you there is a very easy formula that’s been created and all that you need to do is follow it and you’ll be raking in the cash. Of course each person that sells their product offers a new and unique way of deriving that income. The problem with this is it’s not true. They don’t tell you that it took them better part of a year to develop their business or explain that they have a list of 50,000 people that have signed up and with one email blast and some showmanship they convert many to purchase their story. Easy for them at that point, but definitely not easy for you.


  • Making money on line doesn’t happen right away. It takes time to develop the process and to learn the right way to create electronic commerce. Here’s just one example; you need to learn about website creation from generating a name to hosting. You just can’t draw something up on the desktop of your computer or tablet and think that it just appears on the web. There are behind the scenes things that go into this in order for you to have a presence. You can see that this website had to have the name setup and also a company with servers that are attached to the web that creates space for the files to be available and shown for viewing. There is also an understanding of how the links work and additional information within those links that make the process play out. This all take some time to master and this is just one step in the process.


  • Making money online isn’t free to start. You’ve heard the old saying “It takes money to make money”. Well that holds true for the online business as well. There may be some that say “Wait just a second, I know I can get a blog up on“, and that may be true, however this is not setup for monetizing the environment. You’ll need the namespace I mentioned in the previous paragraph and hosting which both cost money. You may want to collect emails from individuals that have shown an interest in your area and that too will cost. There are advertising costs as well as additional software costs. Some of these may be one time, while others are recurring. So, you’ll need to do some homework and figure out which way to approach the funds you’ll need to build this business. Now the one good thing about this is the money you finally make from your business, you can put back into this to cover any cost going forward.


  • Making money online shouldn’t be a hobby. This is all about a residual income and if you think that you’ll “dabble” in this online business stuff, you are destined to fail from the beginning. This is a business and needs to be run like a business. You wouldn’t spend the dollars to open a shop on Main Street and then show up when you felt like, with no real set times that you’re open. Don’t update inventory or stay on top of trends to collect money. Customers would not come back and would tell others to avoid this store. Well the same hold true for an online business. You need to develop a business plan and approach this in the same vain as you would opening that shop on Main Street.


  • Making money online is not impossible. I know that I just shared a number of items that seem like it’s not going to happen when it comes to making money online. But here are a few things to keep in the back of your mind. 1) There are a bunch of people that make a living on the internet every day of their lives. They approached this correctly and developed a plan to get funds for their product or service. So if they can do it, why not you? 2) There are thousands of niches and micro niches that are available to look into. If you have a solution for someone or give advice, people will pay for it. And 3) for anything in life, if you have a basic ability to persevere, you can meet your goals.


I’m not trying to rain on anyone’s parade, I’m just pointing out certain things that you need to consider when approaching this. You’ll need a certain drive to overcome obstacles that may be put in your way. You’ll need to do some reading or watching videos to get an understanding of how things work. Don’t just listen to one person as there are many that have different views that are valid for running a business. Be prepared to fail and also to learn from the failure so that you won’t make the same mistake again.

You can have a very profitable passive income with a good outlook and drive. There is nothing really standing in your way to move down this road. Stay positive and focused and you too will have a business that can supplement you into your retirement.

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A husband, father, brother, uncle and cousin to a great group. I'm an budding entrepreneur that has interest in making money that will sustain deep into retirement. At this point in my life I see no reason why I shouldn't get my piece of the pie.