Too Soon Old – Too Late Smart


Wow, I’m sure those of you that are approaching retirement or are already there, can really relate to this saying. Who wouldn’t want to go back with the knowledge you have now to take on the decisions you made in the past. Personal decisions in your love life, financial decisions with the money you made or things you purchased when you didn’t have the money, tests you took to advance your career or schooling, investments or those that passed you by. How about getting in the ground floor of Microsoft, Apple, Google or Intel with their initial public offering (IPO) and purchasing about a hundred shares? You would be one of the richest people in the world now. All things that everyone would want a second chance on, but unless you developed a time machine you don’t have the ability to do.




Youth is wasted on the young


When we are young, we are not as focused when things are being taught to us. Yeah, there’s a few that catch what’s being thrown, but too many of us are involved with social matters like music you like, clothing you wear or being with the “it” crowd that the item that could get you all of those things is missed. The ability to be self-sufficient and create wealth has never been a subject that is mandatory like English, mathematics and it’s too bad. As we know when we are very young, our minds are minds are like sponges. We soak in everything important or not. Many a nurtured to a point where crawling across the floor as an infant is celebrated and cheered on as a huge achievement. Walking and talking are things that parents brag about to anyone that will listen, but there comes a point where the learning accelerates so much that the celebrations can’t keep up with them. Children are then on their own to deal with others and now have their learning slowed to the pace of the crowd. The sponge is still there, it’s just now it’s getting less filled. The wisdom comes from gathering this all in and looking at the process instead of being involved in it. When you’re young, you don’t contemplate all the aspects of riding a bike between balance, inertia, speed, braking, etc. You just get on and ride. It’s not until you get older that you view these things in a “scientific” way and wrap your head around all of this.

With Age Come Wisdom


I’m sure you’re asking what does all of this have to do with creating a passive income and I would agree with you, probably nothing. It’s just that when you have the life experience and wisdom that you gathered in over the years, you tend to be more focused that when you just had youth on your side. I’m sure that as you contemplate the end of your life you have regrets that you’d love to correct. Creating an online business for yourself and maybe passing it on to your loved ones will bring you a greater satisfaction than worrying about the past that you can’t change. The ability to make substantial money allows you freedom from debts and obligations and opens opportunities. How your harness this new power is really up to you. It doesn’t take tons of dollars to make things work in your direction. It’s just a desire and focus to make things better at the end of your life.

About The Author


A husband, father, brother, uncle and cousin to a great group. I'm an budding entrepreneur that has interest in making money that will sustain deep into retirement. At this point in my life I see no reason why I shouldn't get my piece of the pie.