You Want My Advice? Part 2

In the previous article I talked about the ability to reach out and get information from someone in order to save you from failure by doing what they have already been through. This particular discussion deals with the residual income method where you are the advice giver. Yes, you can really make an extra income by explaining the nuances of a point of view on a topic that people are seeking.

Find Your Niche

In order to sell advice on a specific topic, you need to discover something about yourself. You’ll need to dig deep into your life and come up with that one thing that you really do well. “I don’t know what I could possibly explain” you may be asking, however everyone has something they are really good at and you just need to discover it. Getting the information into a readily accessible method is the easy part. It’s understanding that area where you have become a true expert is hard for some people. Let me give you some advice on how to go about this.

What Are You Good At

The trick to knowing what area to delve into for creating an offer of help is understanding that people are constantly seeking a solution to a problem that they are having. Knowing what that problem is and how to show people a way around or through it is so welcomed that people will pay for that advice. You should more than likely start in your area of expertise by reviewing the type of work you do. Some questions to ask may be:
1. Do I do something that someone would want to learn about?
2. Am I solving a problem with my career?
3. Do I understand all the ins and outs of the job I preform?
4. Can I explain what I do and get it in an understandable form?
5. Is there a crossover to another area that this information may be a start to another topic?

If your career doesn’t match that sort of response, then maybe you have a hobby that can be something to concentrate on? As an example, what if you are a closet baker. You have this knack for producing wonderful pies, cakes, cookies, etc. that all your friend and relatives go crazy over. There are a ton of people that would love to know how to get that specific pie crust just right, or maybe you have a secret for getting frosting to stay in whipped peaks on three layer cake. This could be a niche that you could give advice for the baking foodies of the world.

How about gardening? Maybe you have perfected the right soil mixture to produce huge award winning roses. Possibly the correct planting times and procedure to produce the juiciest tomatoes. There are enough garden seeking individuals out there that would pay for the advice you have in order to get the rewards they seek.

I’ll repeat what I stated before, everyone is good at something and it’s just finding out what that something is in order to produce it in a method of easy access.

The next post will deal with how to get your niche to work for you and how to make this into a marketable product.

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