You Want My Advice?

As you can see by the dictionary definition; advice is the guidance or recommendations concerning prudent future action. Many rely on advice in order to get beyond those stumbling blocks along the way that others have already gone through. There are advice columns that deal with general public perceptions. Dear Abby and Ann Landers (sisters) had remarkable careers offering their perspective to individuals that wrote into the newspaper each was sponsored by seeking help with their problems. Their responses generated such a response that they were referred to by presidents and popes. Their expertise came from what they considered common sense.

Advice Today

Today there are advice websites for individuals seeking help with anything from what doctor to choose to which place offers the best deal on car breaks. Many news articles of the day include comments so that other may offer their own advice on how they see things through their eyes. Sports sites are notorious for having many opinions on what transpired. Of course taking advice after the time period for action is usually referred to as Monday morning quarterbacking. That particular saying came about from years ago when all profession football games were played on Sundays and the following day, Monday, people would discuss the outcome of their team and state obvious decisions after the fact. They are known as a person who criticizes or passes judgment with the benefit of hindsight. It’s much easier to criticize when an event has passed than to offer prudent advice before the event. That is why coaching is so sought after for preparing for the correct response.

Here’s a very old commercial where advice is rejected. It was for headache relief and was considered normal back in the day. I’m sure today it would be thought of as rather insulting and be blasted for the content and probably never be seen on public television.

Now when you are starting out in a new endeavor to make a residual income you need advice to make sure you are headed in the right direction and spending whatever monies necessary wisely. There are many that will offer their advice and request payment for it. That hard part is determining if the knowledge that someone has and shares is valuable to the person seeking it. It’s also discovering if the exact same situations mirror what you will go through or are their some “curve balls” along the way.

Here’s some tips before seeking or taking advice:

  • Does the person that’s offering advice have my best interest at hand?
  • Are they that “expert” that has the knowledge?
  • Do they understand you and your current situation?
  • Are they biased in any way toward something that may be questionable to you?
  • Do you have an uneasiness with the way the advice is given?

Of course to hedge your bets, you should always seek a second opinion if you can. Do some research to make sure that the individual is who they say there are. Lastly, if the offer seems too good to be true, it probably is.

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